Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Books

I was visiting my daily blog stop- The Nester- only to see she listed the books she read this year. Most of you know me well enough to know that I love to read. It's one of my favorite hobbies. I decided I would join her linky party about books I've read this year and some of the ones I plan to read in 2012. I'm very excited to share this list with you!

I didn't include the picture books and such I read with lil man. He owns over 300 of his own books and we've read almost all of them. There are a few that are a little too old for him yet, but they were gifted or great finds at garage sales/library sales - posts on this soon!

Remember, I teach special needs high schoolers, so I read a range of books from grade level 3-young adult. Most of this list is to help my students develop a love of reading or at least become more confident in their reading skills. I share every book I read with them (as long as it's school appropriate- which most are).

I am posting a link to the book on Amazon and if I wrote a review of it on this blog, the word review will be listed next to it with a link to the review.  I do not write spoilers as I want you to be interested in the book but not give away the whole story. That's not my job, it's the author's!

Read cover to cover:

The Book Thief - review

The Maze Runner

The Scorch Trials


Crossed - review

I am the Messenger - review

Calvin and Hobbes- There's Treasure Everywhere - review

13 Reasons Why

A Child Called It

Room - review

The Pioneer Woman Cookbook (review coming Jan. 2)

The Hobbit (well, as of now, I'm almost finished. It will be done by Saturday)

I am Nujood

A Long Walk to Water - review

Illustrated Poems for Children- filled with poems by Tennyson, Whitman, other greats.

Fighting Ruben Wolfe - review

Heaven is for Real- Review

Becoming Chloe - Review


Tears of a Tiger

The Purpose Driven Life

The First Part Last


Sweet, Hereafter

Readicide - a book for ELA teachers

The Book Whisperer

Naked Reading

Books I plan to read in 2012:

When I Fall, Please Grab My Hand

Steig Larsson's Millenium Trilogy

Little Bee


Not a Fan

Slow Love

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

The Death Cure


There are many more, but I'll update as I go along. If you are curious as to how I keep track of my books and what I want to read, I simply use It's a great site that will connect with your Amazon purchases and add them to your virtual bookshelf.

Shelfari lets you set a goal for how many books you want to read and keeps track of it. If you own books and loan them out, as I do to students, you can use this as your library checkout system instead of a paper tracking system (didn't work out for me). You can find my shelf and request me as a friend through shelfari by looking up cherbear (a nickname from a very dear friend). This lets you get updates like reviews, new books I'm reading, planning to read, etc. Great for finding book recommendations!
What are you reading? Enjoy!

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