Sunday, December 11, 2011


Traditions are a great thing. In our house, we have one definite tradition across my immediate family. Everyone in my family knows that at Christmas they will get a new ornament from us (well, me). I LOVE to give ornaments as gifts. It's one of my favorite gifts to receive. How adorable is it to have a present wrapped and an ornament hanging from the bow all pretty and sprakly??? LOVE IT!

What I love most is finding the perfect ornament for each family member. Something either personalized or representing a hobby they have. So fun!

In our house, I take my son out each year to get his ornament. He gets to help choose. Last year, we couldn't decide and he got 2. My favorite place to go for ornaments is Kohl's. They have great options to choose from and reasonable prices.

Here are my little guy's ornaments from the past 3 Christmas's.

E's first ornament - based on his safari themed nursery.

Great grandma gave us this one. :) He loves when we turn it on and it changes colors.

One of last year's ornaments- He liked the lion because it moves. :)

His first beloved plane. He LOVES it- always talks about spinning the propellers round and round.

this year, this is what he chose. I'm not surprised. If there were a helicopter or excavator those would have been a close runner-up.

What holiday traditions do you have?  I'll post another later this week!


  1. I started buying my daughter an ornament every year for Christmas about 6-7 years ago. We pick one out that represents something for that year. 1st dog- puppy ornament, etc. I plan to let her take these with her upon leaving home so she has special ornaments to decorate her 1st tree on her own. She has really enjoyed doing this and I am so glad I started it! Great choices for your son!

  2. Joe's mom did this all his life and still does it for the two of us each year. I absolutely love it! I am definitely going to make it a tradition in our family as well!