Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gifts for $5 or less - men's version.

Remember this post? I felt kind of bad that I didn't include anything for guys. So, here it is.... :) For the men in your life that are hard to buy for when you have a limited budget. All gifts are around $5, in keeping with the original post for women. This is what I would have suggested if hubby drew another guy's name in the Secret Santa drawing.

1. Cool keychain: maybe with initial or, even better, a laser pointer.

2. Favorite sports team ornament. (I think everyone should get an ornament each year!)

3. Cool new screwdriver or other tool that isn't too expensive.

4. Sharpie pens (if you haven't tried them, they're among the best! LOVE mine)

5. masculine frame (pictures of pooch, pals, loves, etc.)

6. Nivea men lip care (hubby liked his)

7. Deck of cards (for playing poker or other games with the buds)

8. Monopoly Deal (a little more than $5, but it's among our favorite games!)

9. Lottery tickets...

Let's face it, men are harder to buy for, especially under $5!  Got any ideas? Feel free to share by leaving a comment below!

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