Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gift ideas for less than $5!

It was so funny to hear who my husband drew for his Secret Santa at his new job- the CEO's wife. NICE!! Way to pick 'em honey. There are guidelines: 3 gifts over 3 days, give a clue without giving yourself away, and the grand total spent should be no more than $15. It led me to start thinking about what you can do with $5.

Now, the CEO's wife is middle-aged and obviously female. So, how hard could it be? I mean the whole package can't be over $15....

Here are my ideas:
1. Go to Michael's. They have a great $1 section with all kinds of goods (stationary- monogrammed or seasonal, pens, recipe cards etc.). Pick out some stationary - maybe a notepad, monogrammed cards, and a journal. Use the 20% off total purchase. Grand total is $2.40.

2. A cute scarf from 5 below... they're just $5.
Image from five below

3. A personalized ornament found at department stores for usually $3 or less.

4. Target has cute seasonal tip towels 2 for $1 in the dollar section. Get one of those, wrap up some measuring spoons from the dollar store and include a favorite recipe on a pretty recipe card with neat handwriting. Be sure to tie with a pretty ribbon!

5. Always, Hershey's Pot of Gold chocolates- a weakness for me.

6. Bath and Body Works has great hand sanitizers for CHEAP! Travel size goods from there work too, but you never know if someone is allergic to fragrance, so watch! Don't forget the hand soap. It's fantastic!
Image from Bath and Body works

7. A beautiful candle that smells good. Usually found pretty cheap (Michael's had some for $5.99 then the 40% off would make it $3.60.

8. A mug (maybe use craft paint on it to design something pretty) filled with hot chocolate goodies.
Image credit

9. Michael's also had soup mugs for $1. Imagine that filled with some treats and a recipe for a favorite soup. Again, tie with a pretty ribbon!

10. Kohl's had a great broach for $8. I have a coupon for 20% off. Grand total: $6. 40 A little over, but since we saved every where else, it's okay to go over by $1.40.

11. Charlotte Russe has some adorable pins that would easily spruce up a jacket, sweater, whatever. Check out this one at $5.
Image from Charlotte Russe

12: You could wrap up some Nivea Lip Care, trial size lotions and a pair of cheap gloves (the stretchy ones for a dollar). This would be a good hydrating kit for winter!

I'm sure there are more. What can you think of? Leave a comment!

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  1. What a fun post! I am hoping my blogger account will allow me to post this comment, so here goes!

    Scentsy bars--$5.00 or the scent of the month is a little cheaper. Add a nice bow, and voila!

    I found really cool travel mugs at the Dollar Tree. You open them up and slide in a piece of paper that you have decorated and it is protected with clear plastic. I am going to have Michael "decorate" with crayon and slide in a pic of him and Isaiah.

    Soup or cookie mix in a mason jar.

    Homemade bath salts. I made these last year and recipients are still asking me to make them for this year!