Thursday, December 22, 2011


I just had the most fantastic time with a bunch of my friends. I have to tell you they are some of the greatest women I know. We were missing a few from this group due to work and other engagements, but those that were here had fun.

What was the occassion you ask? Friendship, food, and ornaments! You know me, I love ornaments. So, I arranged an ornament exchange and luncheon with some of my gal pals. The great thing, they all have kids too, so the kids were engaged with each other while we were exchanging ornaments.

The kids got in on the fun by decorating their own wood ornaments with markers, crayons, and for my son, ink pens.

More coloring. Aren't they cute???
Everything was very simple. Our food for this chilly damp day was potato and ham soup with salad. Desserts included red velvet cupcakes (YUM! Not to mention they were FANTASTIC!) and Godiva brownies (YUM!).

While I finished up the soup (I was running behind due to my pre-surgery testing), the kids played and gals all talked amongst each other. Some helped me in the kitchen. Then it was lunch time and everyone ate. Then the anticipation came of what kind of ornaments are in those bags??

One wasn't wrapped, so I simply put it in a small bag and since my tissue paper was put away, I did a classy job by stuffing a paper towel in the bag to act as tissue paper. Tacky, I know, but in an pinch, it's what I do.

super fast wrapping job... nice paper towel in place of tissue paper... Desperate times call for desperate measures

When doing the exchange, we drew numbers from a cup and that was the order for picking.

The kids were all getting tired and it was getting later in the afternoon, so it was time to go. As each kid was getting ready to leave, they were given a "gift" (a coloring book, a couple crayons, bubbles and fruit snacks- all from my stockpile). They were so excited as they opened their bags. It was great watching them all. :) What fun we'll have in a couple days watching our kids open their gifts on Christmas. What joy that brings! :) The delight and awe dancing in their eyes as they await the surprise. I love it!

Good times for all. Definitely doing this next year, but I think I'll invite more people and maybe do a mom's night out then a family day for the kids. My house isn't huge, but we'll make do.  I loved it and can't wait until next year.

All of us around the table! Glad hubby stopped home on lunch break to snap this!

Anna on baby duty... by choice, of course!

Someone just wasn't a happy camper today.

Finally! Adults getting to enjoy a warm lunch and chit chat.

Ornaments packaged and ready to be opened.... along with the kids lunches that needed cleaned up.

Katie got a jingle bell snowman

Carole and the glittery pinecone

Lauren and the super funkalicious ornament

Anna and Santa... She had that baby asleep in no time!

Melissa and the jingle bell wreath

Coloring and doodling- not to mention the play food that was all over the table too. At least they know to eat at the table!

Getting more markers/crayons for the wood ornament.

Hanging out in the kitchen (don't mind the mess)

Kids opening their gifts. :)
I highly recommend setting something like this up. Simple, easy, inexpensive, and all out fun!

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I love the pics of your party!