Thursday, December 1, 2011

Craft party 2011- ornament making

It's funny how things go in life. Despite living close to each other, I do not get to spend much time with my extended family throughout the year unless there are birthday parties or other celebrations going on. Mind you, we are all within 20 minutes of each other. We joke when we see each other and say "This is the one time a year I see you" or something along those lines. Sad, I know, but that's how life goes at times.
I decided this year I would change that with my mom's side. I see my dad's side of the family far more frequently than my mom's side. So, I threw a new annual craft party on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was fun, simple, and filled with laughter. Because it was the holiday season and I was busy with some other things (namely dr appointments for strep between me and the little guy and work), I kept everything as simple as possible. The focus was on being together and having fun!

It couldn't have turned out better! Everyone who came (there were some out of town or working) had a wonderful time. I made cheesy veggie soup and mom made turkey noodle soup (gotta use up that turkey!). There was crusty bread, 4-5 kinds of desserts (because that's how we roll), and tons of laughter- not to mention squinting and reaching for specs from those older than.... well, me since I'm the oldest "child".

The craft itself was one I found years ago in a magazine- a beaded snowflake Christmas ornament.
So easy to do- I'll post that tomorrow! It was totally inexpensive when you consider how many ornaments can be made with the supplies.

Enjoy the pics and see tips after them for having your own craft party!

Mommy even brought wood ornaments for lil guy to decorate!

My aunt helping my little guy with his next project!

Festivities were beginning...
More of my beautiful and wonderful family!
Sisters helping each other! Aren't they soo cute?
My other aunt who is a mega-crafter.

Tips for your own craft shindig:
1. Keep it simple! Both the craft and the decor...
2. be prepared for anything.... including poking yourself with floral pins, gluing with hot glue, etc.
3. Pick a craft that is easy for everyone to follow and assemble. Something cheap is also nice.
4. Try to find stuff around the house that you can use... For this party, I used what we had from making these a few years ago.
5. Relax, have fun and enjoy those present!

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