Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beaded ornament

Remember the craft party I posted about? Tons of fun and laughter. Well, I promised the instructions to make your own simple beaded ornament. I'm a day late, but here they are! Super simple and basic. I don't even remember where I got them (some magazine) as it was many moons ago that I started to make these.

Plastic beads in any color(s) you wish
Plastic spacers
Corsage pins or floral pins
Pieces of cork
Glitter glue in your choice of color
If you wish, extra glitter
Fishing line, ribbon, or string

Once you have the supplies gathered, it's easy to complete the task.

Step 1: String the beads onto the floral pin/corsage pin. Do this for at least 6-8 pins to fill out the snowflake. No need for them to be identical! Be sure to leave room at the bottom to insert into the cork- probably 1/4".

Step 2: Once you have the pin complete, push it through the cork. Just don't push it all the way through!

Not all the way through like this! YIKES!

Step 3: Paint with glitter glue and if you would like, add more beads or sprinkle additional glitter into the center. I went simple.

Step 4: Let dry.

Step 5: Tie string around the end of a leg and hang!   These would be cute adorning gifts too!

Some other things about these:
- If you don't like how big the cork is, cut it in half or down a little.
- Instead of using cork, you could try clay or just putting it on wire.
- put some glue around where each leg is placed to ensure it sticks. They will fall apart if not enough room was left to push the pin through the cork to secure it.

When I first saw these in the magazine, I knew I wanted to make a bunch and hang them from the ceiling. How cool would that be?? I made a ton of them, but not enough. Since I was in school part-time and working full-time, I never got a chance to hang them. A lot of them have since been given away or broken. I still think I'll do this... maybe next year.... This year I'm struggling to get out all the decorations! I'm just doing the tree and outside I think....

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