Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Beef Stew with Beer and Paprika

I've been vising the Pioneer Woman for the past few weeks for some hearty recipes. I tell you, what a blog to follow! If you don't, you really should. I love her blog (not to mention the recipes!).

While perusing it one day, I found a recipe for Beef Stew with Beer and Paprika. I'm sooo glad I did! It was absolutely scrumptious!

Here's the scoop:
1. Easy to make.
2. Lots of simmer time on the stove top means time to do something else you've been meaning to get done or simply enjoy your family, a book, whatever.
3. Simple yet rustic texture and flavoring.
4. tender tender meat
5. Great Sunday meal.
6. Easy to adapt to what you wan which means this is a great base recipe.

Okay, I really liked this recipe and enjoyed it with the Dutch Oven Bread. What a great combination! My husband liked it as well, but since he wasn't feeling great, he couldn't give an accurate perspective. Little man wasn't eating anything so he was out. That just leaves me.... I say 2 thumbs up... way up! It was delightful on a cold Sunday night.

Ways to change it - if you choose: Add a bay leaf maybe some thyme, add mushrooms, use pearl onions (YUM!) in place of the diced onions, add green beans ( I love them). I'm sure there are more but it's late and I'm tired!

Here's the link to the recipe. Definitely in our meal rotation!

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