Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yummy goodness wrapped in a crescent!

One day when we were hosting the Sunday football game, I realized I had some extra crescent rolls that I wasn't going to need. I decided to turn them into something fun and kind of sweet. So simple- and I'm sure many of you already do this, but if you haven't you should!

I unrolled the crescents on the baking pan.

Then I brushed them with melted butter (in our house it is vegan since lil guy is allergic to dairy).

After brushing them with butter, I poured on some cinnamon and sugar... mmmm...

Roll em up and brush with more butter and cinnamon sugar goodness...

Bake em at the temperature on the package...

Wahla!!! Fantastic yummy goodness wrapped up.

 Now, if you wanted, you could easily mix together some milk and powdered sugar to make a nice glaze to coat, but I was in a hurry and in a pinch. I didn't have time for this, besides we can't really eat it since lil one is allergic. We try to be considerate of that as much as possible.

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