Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I spent Monday night with my family, mainly my grandma prior to her surgery. We had so much fun together. I was nominated to make banana nut muffins. While making these, my grandma didn't agree with how much I was filling the muffin cups, so of course, I resorted to her way- after all, she's been cooking longer than me and knows how she wants things done. I'm no one to argue with my lovely grandma.
  Well, she kicked me out of the kitchen to take care of E. She put the muffins in the oven and we forgot about them while enjoying our dinner and fellowship. When we remembered the muffins, she checked them and pressed on the tops to check doneness. She left a thumbprint in one of the muffins. I called it the thumbprint muffin.
  The end of the night came and I was given muffins to take home. I grabbed up the thumbprint muffin. This morning while praying for the doctors and my grandma, I remembered the thumbprint muffin (which I have yet to eat). I started to think of all the ways she has left her imprint in my life. I only hope to be half the grandma that she is!
The thumbprint of a very special person!
   Who are the people in your life that leave thumbprints? Pray for them, cherish them and the memories you have.   What kind of thumbprint are you leaving in the lives of people around you?

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  1. This is beautiful Cheri. This really made me think. Thank you for posting this.