Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Giving it a go

For a while I've wanted to try painting on a canvas. I bought the materials (canvas and paint brush kit) I needed and evaluated those I did. I sat and stared... and stared.... and stared.... you get the point. Then I developed a fear of failure at my first painting.

On a day when my son was sick, we were playing in the playroom. He asked if he could paint, so I let him use his fingerpaints and I decided to paint. I had to start somewhere and couldn't seem to come up with anything. Finally, I just started painting blue. I hated it. While I was painting blue, my son asked me to paint "boom booms" (fireworks). Thank you, E! At that point, I stopped the blue and just started painting what I thought could be fireworks.

I kind of liked the painting aside from the blue background on 1/3 of it. To try to even it out, I added blue between the blasts of other color.  Here's the end result:

For my first time painting, I kind of like it. I liked being able to be creative and sit and play with colors and lines and design on a canvas. Is it a Rembrandt? No. Did I expect it to be? Honest, no but I wanted it to be! Am I happy with it? Sure, but my son is happy with it and that's what matters.

Art is simply a way to express yourself. The result doesn't have to be perfect or even good. It just needs to be an outlet. Any piece of art you create: scrapbook page, painting, music, quilt, new dish/recipe, whatever, serves as a way to help you express yourself and enjoy the abilities God gave you.


  1. i like it !!! nice colors and bright and cheery. What are you using? acrylics?

  2. I could never do that! It's great!

  3. Hi great! I always wanted to paint but I always thought that you had to be really talented...meaning just really artistic. I guess it is in most of us and we just need to practice!

  4. Thanks everyone! It was acrylic paint that I used. I also thought I couldn't do it, but figured I'd never know unless I tried.

    I recommend giving anything a try!