Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's Play!!!

In our very old home (built in 1919) we have some really unique places. One of my son's favorite places is our finished attic. It consists of 2 rooms. One decent sized room and one smaller room. When lil guy was about a year, we changed the finished attic from a storage area to a playroom.

We had sooo much stuff in that room (I didn't take the before picture of that- it would be embarrassing- not hoarder level or anything just a lot of stuff). It took a while to clean it all out and find a new place for everything (probably a full day).

Found that great train table with underneath storage on Craigslist a while ago. $40 and came with track and trains.
  Since this was a tough time for us financially, we also had to come up with some solutions that were not going to cost too much. This project showed us that painting can be costly! The total project cost us $140 for both rooms. The smaller room was more expensive to paint as the trim is painted white and the peachy color (which was supposed to be more orange) took several coats of paint. The walls were soaking up paint like a sponge absorbs water. RIDICULOUS!

   I'm going to only focus on the playroom side of the room today as it's the only side that is truly finished. There are small projects on the other side that need to be completed so I can't say it's done.

Back to playing... Thanks to a dear friend, the chalkboard paint was free- left over from a previous project and no longer needed. Another dear friend heard I wanted yellow paint and she happened to have a gallon left over from her daughter's room. So that was free as well. We did need one more gallon of that paint (thank goodness for Home Depot paint codes!).
Our popular and regularly used chalkboard wall/creative corner.

My husband made built-in shelves and we decorated with simple wall decals, pictures from around the house and Everett's artwork. Altogether, this side of the attic cost us $65.

The built-in shelves my husband made. The ceiling curves here so that was a little tricky!

Reading area and art hanging area. The sink is weird but it works so we kept it. Great for painting day!

Curtains I made with remnant fabric... So cute. I love them.

Love my warning sign. The steps are steep and taller people (5' 8" & up) bump their heads regularly.

Close up of the sign. I hope you get it! My favorite thing I've done.

Close up of sink after putting away the painting materials.

Toys we were playing with....
Oh! Be sure to check out those super cute curtains I made...More on those in a later post!


  1. I love it! I remember you working through the design and everything. It looks awesome!

  2. That is an awesome room! I like the "duck" sign