Friday, October 7, 2011

I fall for Fall...

Fall…. The most glorious time of the year.
View of the field on our hiking trip.
Fall is my favorite time of year- by far. Don’t get me wrong, spring is nice for the idea of rebirth and warmer temperatures, getting outside to play more; however, fall just means time for family, comfort, caring and sharing. I just love fall.

Everything about this time of year is exciting: upcoming holidays, harvest, the beautiful colors all around from the changing leaves, to the beautiful fall flowers/blooms, bright pumpkins, decorative corn stalks and colorful indian corn and apples.

Leaves just starting to change... Beautiful!

Lots of colors found on our hiking spree.
  Then we have the textures of fall: nice warm cozy sweaters, boots, soft feeling all around contrasted against leather boots, bare trees, crunchy leaves.

Playing in the park on a beautiful fall day.
Don’t even get me going on the sounds and smells of fall- fires, apple crisp, apple pie, corn chowder, comfort food galore…. Mmmmmmmmm! leaves rustling while you walk through the woods, fires crackling…. Oh the beauty of fall.
This one was taken by my 2 year old with my old point and shoot. Pretty good for a toddler who had no help in using the camera. Yes, he figured it out by himself! My smart boy.

Choosing a pumpkin at a local pumpkin farm after a wagon ride to the field!
Yay for fall! 

Oh yeah... The pics aren't perfect as I am totally amateur with photography and do not have photoshop... Maybe one day!

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