Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall.... What a great time of year!

    As mentioned in yesterday's post, I simply find fall the be the best season of all. It's just glorious.
One of my favorite activities to do at the very beginning of fall- the festival to start fall for me- is attend the Yankee Peddler Festival. It's a great time of hiking and shopping for crafts while listening to music and smelling the fires and food cooking over an open flame. YUM!

    Yankee Peddler is a fall festival/craft show set during colonial times- so vendors and actors are dressed accordingly. There are great crafts to be found and all kinds of goodies. Take a look at some of the pics from this year's Yankee Peddler- coming next September to Clay's Park! :)

Looks soooo yummy!

I liked the pumpkins in this. :)


I fell in love with this wreath immediately... fell out of love when I saw the price tag. :(

Cute mushrooms made out of gourds.

Even cuter gourd pumpkins

Colonial living set up

I'm thinking they made turtle soup...

Vegans... I apologize, but this smellled soooo good.

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