Friday, October 14, 2011

Cute Copter Curtains.....

Remember the post Wednesday about the playroom? Those curtains are one of my favorite things in that room.
  I found the fabric while looking for fabric to make curtains from an online fabric shop where my cousin works. Since helicopters are one of my son's favorite things, when I saw the fabric, I had to order at least 4 yards of that fabric. Unfortunately, that quantity wasn't available. There was only 2 yards available. That's enough for one panel. I decided I would make it work.

To make the curtains: yes, I did sew. It was the most basic sewing anyone has ever done- even a newbie could do it.... shoot, I consider myself a newbie with sewing even though I've made many things in the past- usually quilts and a few teddy bears and skirts. 

I took the measurements of the window and of my fabric. I went to Jo-Ann's and bought some curtain backing using a coupon for half off. When I got home, I lined the backing with the helicopter fabric and trimmed the edges. I simply sewed it like I would a blanket or quilt along 3 edges. The bottom I left open and simply hemmed both pieces of fabric. In about half an hour, I had a curtain.

Close up of material that I love!!!!
I know your asking, "How did you hang it without the rod pocket?" That was easy courtesy of curtain clips and a cheap curtain rod. Altogether the entire thing cost me $20 (new rod rings and fabric). Great fun and I love it. My son loves to go play in the "helicopter attic". You can do this too! Trust me! If I can, you can!

So cute! I've got an idea for the junction box too. I'm working on the logistics.

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