Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall centerpiece.... :) Harvesting goodness.

Here is the new fall centerpiece on my table...

Everything is real. Either found at a pumpkin farm or on a hike.
Munchkin arranged the guords prior to me arranging them.

A different angle. I love all the different guords.
I would love to say it has stayed this way... but it hasn't. Little man likes to rearrange them regularly. The leaves were his flags one day and are now filling a glass pumpkin to add some color to it. And the runner, well that had to go. I just couldn't stand that I had to move it at dinner every night. Yes, I'm lazy.. I'm thinking I may get a doily or unique placemat for under it instead. 

That cute container is from the thrift store! Yippeeee!!!

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