Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spur of the moment hike leads to creative fun!

    On Friday, despite the chill in the air, lil man and I went on a walk through our neighborhood. It was fun. He chased the leaves as they blew across the sidewalk and grass. He would pick some up. We gathered 4 different types of leaves. I told him to carry them home and we would color them.
   It was great in concept. He didn't really want to do crayon rubbings of the leaves, but I did! I just was having a moment where I wanted to do something creative. I actually wanted to sew, but that's hard to do when a 2 year old just wants you to hold him. Instead, I created a piece of "art"- art is anything right?
    Here it is....

You can do this and it's no cost - pending you have everything at home (crayons, leaves, and paper). Just keep placing leaves all over and rub away with different colors. I have another idea for these leaves. I'm gonna work on that tonight....
   Anyway, back to crayons:  Hubby liked it, I loved it and Everett helped pick out colors. I think I may just frame it and hang it to fill some empty space until I find things I want to put up on the walls.

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