Thursday, November 10, 2011

The certainty of uncertainty

I'm learning that in this world, the only thing certain (aside from Christ) is uncertainty. I'm surrounded by it more and more as each day passes.

There is word about layoffs in just about every field. Foreclosures and bankruptcies at an all-time high. There are so many things that are uncertain right now in our society. It's easy to become downhearted and focus on the negative.

I just received a text from a dear friend about a resignation and how she feels about this uncertain new life.When at first I read it, I was sad at first that I wouldn't see her (aside from Facebook) as regularly as I once did; however, I honestly think she made the perfect choice for her and think it's so exciting for her to start fresh and new. While it can be scary to move another state and get another job because of the uncertainty of everything, it's a time of renewal and reflection- a fresh start.

Ahhhh!!!  It doesn't sound so bad when it's said that way. Of course, yes, you have to build and develop relationships and find where you are/who you are in this new life, but stagnancy is boring. Change is a good thing. Scary, but good. It helps you grow and develop as a person, builds character and faith.

Uncertainty isn't all bad. The certainty of it shows that we can make it through uncertain times relying on God's grace, goodness and strength.  Choose to rely on God. Grow and develop during uncertain times because you never know what will happen next! That's the beauty of uncertainty!

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