Monday, November 21, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

This week is a short week for me cooking. On Thanksgiving I usually go to my mom's then visit my grandma and head out and about wherever to visit all our loved ones. We're so blessed to be near so many. We will miss those farther away, but we'll be thinking of you and praying you are happy, healthy, safe and blessed this week!

Sunday: Peach Whiskey BBQ chicken from Pioneer Woman with mashed potatoes and green beans.
image via:  Does that not look SCRUMPTIOUS????

Monday: Speedy Jambalaya (bump from last week).
Tuesday: left overs or grilled cheese night which ever.
Wednesday: Spicy fish bake with quinoa, shredded carrots and peas.
Thursday: Thanksgiving. I'm making the candied yams since E can't have dairy but I have the butter substitute for the recipes.
Friday: Left overs with Mom.
Saturday: First annual family craft day: ham and potato soup AND cheesy veggie soup with salad and crusty bread (cuz that's how I roll).
Sunday: Left over soup.

Enjoy your holiday week with your family.

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