Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Home" sick

It's been a great yet crazy day today. I spent some time running errands prior to the craft party. Okay.... a lot of time (2 1/2 hours). Most of it was in traffic or lines- or choosing the wrong store (due to the line being wrapped forever and getting checkout line confused with fabric cutting counter line, etc).

Lots of chaos of cleaning and cooking, guests arriving, messes made and now clean up again. Isn't that the joy of hosting an event? You clean and prep only to do it again immediately after.

Now, I sit alone (aside from my 2 dogs) in my old home. Lil man went with grandma for the night. Hubby is playing poker with friends. I sit here on the couch, tired and lonely.  Usually, I LOVE being alone and beg for time to myself (to read, crochet, watch TV, whatever). Tonight, I want my family back.This house isn't feeling like home without them. I want company to come over (even though it's 10 PM). I want to be hosting more people.  Surrounded by something other than silence- complete silence, aside from my dog who is now starting to snore a little and my fingers on the keyboard).

 Why do good things come to an end? Only to make us appreciate them when they happen again.

Why is it so sad to see your little one go spend the night with grandma sometimes and other times it's welcome? For that I'm not sure. It's bittersweet, his leaving to be with grandma. Part of me is terribly sad because I don't sleep well when E's not home. Part of me is super excited for when he comes home tomorrow. He'll see me and smile this great, glorious smile with eyes beaming, arms outstretched, saying "Momma's home!".  Oh glorious day when God gave me this child to care for and protect and love.

Times like these... the lonely times make me realize a few things:
1. God is always with me and willing to talk to me.
2. Appreciate the time you have with loved ones.
3. Children are full of unconditional love for their parents (I'll believe this even when E is a teen and can't stand us).
4. It's a short lived time, so try to occupy your time in the best way possible or reflect on the fun you had and devise a way to do it again. (Did I mention I organized a drawer???)
5. Reflect on all you have for you have been blessed.
6. Think about those serving our country who have been removed from their families. Talk about sacrifice. Pray for them while you're at it.

While I wait for my family to return, I'll get caught up with organizing, praying, or reading.... or maybe sleeping.......

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