Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New (to me) Wheels!

For all the guys out there:
Hubby has been complaining about the alloy wheels on my car for a while. He wanted to make them look better since they were scuffed and chipped. He set out to do it using a method my cousin shared with us.
You were right babe.... Those were kind of bad.

I was driving around with wheels like this???? UGH!

Step 1: Remove tires from vehicle (duh).
Step 2: Using a can of primer spraypaint, spray the wheels. Allow to dry.
Step 3: Using the automotive premium spraypaint in the finish of your choice, spray the wheels. We used silver. It's just classic.
Step 4: Use the clearcoat spraypaint and spray them.
Step 5: In the process, some paint will have gotten on the tires (unless you took the time to tape and make sure the tape stuck- we were a little impatient). Use a steel wool pad (Brillo, SOS, etc) to scrub the tires and the paint will come off.
Now you have new wheels for less than $20! If only tires were that cheap! :)
Before the magic of spraypaint....

After.... SOOO Much better!

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