Friday, August 26, 2011

Another deal...

I haven't posted any of our deals lately.  Back at the end of July, we went out garage saling- a usual Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning activity. We hit up this moving sale. There wasn't much there but a few piece of furniture and some odds and ends. The couple was moving from Ohio to California and were looking to get rid of everything (I love this kind of sale!).

Prior to hitting up this sale, hubby and I were talking about redoing the office. I hate the big bulky desk that is in there (from when we were first married - almost 11 years ago). I also am hoping to make the room a walk-in closet with a small office in the future. A smaller desk would be perfect and I had a great idea planned in my head. I could almost envision everything so quaint and beautiful yet functional. Ah the things in my head always seem like they won't take much work. :) Isn't that always the case?

Back to the desk. We hit up the sale and my husband actually saw the beauty before I did. He pointed it out to me. Was it really truly beautiful? No, but it could be. I loved the structure and all the drawers. This desk had tons of potential. I had a total of $27 in cash, plus a little change (maybe about 50 cents). We stood there while the seller was talking with someone else. The desk was marked $10- a total steal at that price. When it was our turn, we talked about having them hold it until we got a truck/SUV to pick it up and learned the history of the piece. Apparently, it was her parents' desk, they passed it to her and she passed it to her son who didn't want it. This thing is OLD, but I think it's beautiful. Since I didn't have a $10 and most sales need ones, I threw it out there- Could I buy it for $7? She said "YES!" 
Hubby and I were so happy with the purchase and couldn't believe we just stole something from someone for that's what it truly felt like. It's our greatest find yet.
Stupid wires. If it wasn't sooo late, I would have hidden them and the chair for the big desk better.
   I have many things I could do with this... cute for a little laptop, small printer some pics and such in our little office/walk-in closet as it's the perfect size. OR Use it as a vanity! Lots of storage for my stockpile of make-up and so cute with a little stool under it and pretty mirror....
   Right now, it's sitting in the office waiting to be painted or refinished with new hardware and has one of our desktops on it. Not the best situation, but it works.

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