Friday, August 12, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

I'm' working on redoing one of our rooms, a kind of catch all known as "Cheri's room". Our house is 93 years old. That being said, it has very small closets. My hubby has the closet in our room, the kid has the closet in his room. That leaves a closet in the attic (bigger- actually biggest in the house) and "my room". Currently this room is for my clothing/dressers, crafts and gift stockpile storage area (that's a little awkward- essentially where I store gifts for kids and people when I get super good deals on them).

UGH! I hate dislike don't know what to do with this room. It has no order and an awkward layout, but a super cool balcony off of it (pending we fix it since it's kind of not-in-the-best-shape). There is no bed as it's a craft/storage room. The paint was light green which is fine and I loved the color, however, since it used to be our bedroom and the bed was up against the window and blocked the closet (that's how small it it), there were things all over the wall (juice from kids, spilled pop, holes from previous hangings, etc.). I really didn't like this room at all.

Anyway, I'm redoing it on a frayed shoestring budget (yes, my budget is that tight). I told my husband I really wanted to move the beautiful big mirror we have in the dining room into this room right above my old dresser (that is scarred and needs painted or redone in some fashion). He said "no". Poo! No mirror- unless I find a super cheap one at a garage sale.

Imagine my surprise when I hit this garage sale that had a mirror very similar to the one we have in the dining room but in a cream painted frame for $5. When I was loading it in the car, the sun hit it just right and I noticed 2 scratches in the mirror. Boo! I had already bought it. Is there a return policy for garage sales?? I didn't want to find out and decided to keep it and see what I could do with it.

I hung it and left it in the room. The scratches were in the way when I first hung it, but I left it as I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it/fix it or paint it or whatever (chalkboard paint the mirror surface).
Not bad for $5. I should have haggled a little, but I was in a moment.

 After about 1 1/2 weeks, I decided I wanted to paint the frame and go from there. I had left over Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint from my shelf project so that wasn't going to cost anything. I loved the result!
I know, the window needs curtains. I'm working on it... it's all a process when you're low on cash!
 I re-hung it, but upside down from how it was initially. Amazingly, the scratches are in a lower corner and aren't too bad. I can totally live with it for the time being (until I determine if I'll replace the mirror or get it resilvered). Honest, it's in a room that isn't used by anyone other than me, so I think I'm okay until I get up the nerve to try the home remedies for fixing mirror scratches or get enough cash for a new mirror. For the time being, I love the mirror and it beats the old, small fogged/film covered mirror it replaced!
See, my sewing machine, ironing board, with newly cut fabric strips, fave book and other misc stuff. I think I have too much stuff..... hmm...


  1. Seriously I want your creativity and motivation. I have got nothing accomplished this summer other than basic household chores and a lot of play time. You could go into business!

  2. Cheri - you are so talented in so many ways!