Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You want how much for 2 dressers?

My hubby has been using the armoire that I used in high school for over 10 years. Mind you, I graduated from high school many years before my hubby inherited the armoire. As we all know, guys are not the most gentle with things, but I'm not sure the problem was caused by him.

The said armoire was nice and sturdy. It had 2 large spacious drawers that pulled out on the bottom and a beautiful cabinet with 2 shelves on top. It was pretty nice for being as old as it was- with one exception. Every time you opened the top drawer (below the cabinet) it would come off track and fall out dumping the contents on the floor. Thankfully, this was a sock and undie drawer but there are a lot of socks stuffed in there but it beats refolding anything else.

For over a year we have been looking for a dresser. Mind you, we are on a super tight budget since we have one steady income coming in and another that is half of what it was and a baby toddler. We have searched everywhere for dressers. Our favorite IKEA (where a deal can always be found), local furniture thrift stores (Abbey Ann's, Village Thrift, etc.), and even asked neighbors and family. No one had anything for which we were truly head over heels. Until.... the glorious garage sale weekend.

There was a weekend in July where everyone was selling the best stuff ever! We bought so much from garage sales that week- including furniture! Yay!!!

We hit up this estate sale and found 2 (yes, not 1 but 2) dressers we liked (and a trunk from the 1930's that I was in LOVE with but didn't want to spend $40 on). We were hesitant to know the price. I mean 2 dressers of perfect size and color and price. Yeah, they needed cleaned up (and the yucky mirror that came with them removed) and stunk like an old lady, but those are easy fixes.   We asked the sellers how much, paid for them, went to lunch and then picked up a truck to get the dressers. When we got them home, we wiped them down and placed them in our room. They still smelled... like bad...

We removed the old mirror and gained a place for everything to sit and no mess!

Next step: Downy sheets. I'm glad I coupon and get these things super cheap. I took 10 sheets and placed 1 in each drawer. The whole upstairs smelled delightful. Ahhh! Fresh laundry smell. Refreshing, but almost overpowering. Within a few hours, the smell was gone and life was good. The clothing was placed in the drawers with room to spare. I think we have 2 unused drawers (good storage for pillow cases, table cloths, etc.
Much more storage! Yippee!!!

So, for $30, we walked out with 2 beautiful dressers and much more storage. What are we going to do when it's winter and there are no more sales??? Wait until you see some of the other stuff in upcoming posts! Wooo hooo!

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