Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Still here.... meal plan (I guess you could call it that).

Things have been very hectic in our home lately with school starting back, searching for a childcare provider and other happenings - sick child for a month with unexplained issues.

Anyway, due to the amount of meetings we have this week and the short week, the meal plan is really easy and simple.
Tuesday: birthday party dinner for my uncle at Grandma's
Wednesday: chili  (pre-cooked beef since we have appointments in evening)
Thursday: mozzarella chicken (essentially chicken parm with grilled chicken instead of breaded) OR chicken tortilla soup (depending on the amount of time we have)
Friday: out
Saturday: left overs

I'll be blogging about life, myself, and cool finds online over the next few posts. They will be spread out and done as I have time. Oh! I'm' almost finished with that room I'm trying to redo at under $100. Okay... so it was a redo under $50 but something I found for a great deal put me just over $70. I shouldn't have much more to finish up and should be well under $100 for the room makeover. Woo hoo!!

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