Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meal plan week of 9-25

Sorry it's been a while. Things have been a little hectic with hubby starting a new job and kiddo in daycare. Trying to get used to this new routine is causing some things to fall by the wayside. Last week's meal plan was super simple and basic. I didn't post it and it ended up all jumbled and thrown away anyway.
This week should be a little better. Here it is:
Sunday: Potato & green bean soup (we're all sick and this sounded soothing)
Monday: Broccoli Rabe pasta from Taste of Home. I'll be adding cut up rotisserie chicken to it for more protein.
Tuesday: Parent teacher conference night. No cooking here. It's leftover day or find what you can night.
Wednesday: Fish bake from a new blog I enjoy. This could be a disaster as I can never cook fish properly.
Thursday: Meatloaf (loaded with extra veggies since the kiddo doesn't eat them anymore), julienne potatoes and cauliflower (yummmmm!!!)
Friday: Out
Saturday: Calzones

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