Sunday, September 25, 2011

Product Review & Give Away!!! Hurry! 9/30 response date.

I received the honor of being asked to do a product review. Those of you who know me, know that I enjoy to try different things. It's a nice way to check out something new. So, when this product review was tossed my way, I certainly was up to the task.  New stuff is fun to learn about and share with others! :) After all, this is Sharing Cheri!

A friend of mine sells Scentsy warmers and bars. I had no clue what they were until she asked if I would review one. I'm very thankful that I did! I think it's adorable and yet functional and safe.

One day after a long day of teaching, I came home to this big box....

When I opened the box, I was very excited to see that the warmer and scent bars I ordered came. Let me tell you, this was in record time. I think I had placed the order about 4 days prior and received the product that quickly- definitely within a week.

I opened the warmer box (since that is the decor part of the process) to see how the warmer looked in person. I had seen it online and it was CUTE! In person, just as beautiful as I thought and a great match for our living room. I must admit, I had a hard time choosing and ultimately told Amy which warmers I liked best from the numerous choices (color, style, etc) available. She then chose the warmer for me at my request.

Assembling was easy. Screw in the light bulb (which came with the product), place on shelf, put the bar holder on top, plug in, turn on and enjoy!

I put it on the shelf in our living room, but hubby wasn't happy with the light on the wall. The warmers have holes in the base since the heat from the light bulb needs to escape. I like the glow it places on the shelf and wall, but hubby felt it was a spotlight. If you look at the pic, I have to agree that one spot on the wall does look a little..... bright/standoutish.

That's no problem to solve. We can always move it.

Next, it was time to find out what was up with the insulated bag. The insulated bag held all the wonderful fragrance bars in it. The three fragrances I ordered were coconut lemongrass, honey pear cider and blueberry cheesecake. Let me just tell you, I wanted to open the blueberry cheesecake and eat it. It smelled scrumptious to say the least. BTW, the bag can be reused for cold groceries when grocery shopping! :) Bonus! 

I didn't know which scent bar to start with, so I asked the little guy for assistance. Note to self: don't do it again... although he did choose a really good scent- honey pear cider. He kept trying them over and over. So cute. Mommy's big helper.

Yep... this one mommy.

Since it was getting late, I opted to not melt a scent and went to bed. The next day, I couldn't wait to get home and try one. I put in coconut lemongrass. It was a dismal, cool day and I wanted to remember summer. It wasn't my favorite. I melted it for about 4 hours and it still had plenty of scent to go around for another day. Great... now what?

The packaging instructions said I could pour the melted wax back into the bar container. That seemed a little odd and quite messy. I had flashbacks of hot wax all over my skin from a candle. To my surprise, the wax wasn't that hot, but it wasn't too easy to pour back in. I opted to do what Amy advised- let the wax cool in the warmer then use a knife to work around the edges so the disk would pop out. That was amazing! It worked. I placed the disk into a ziploc baggie and it was ready for use the next day. Yippee skippy!

The next day we tried honey pear cider, which is so homey and comforting. My favorite scent. The following day we tried Blueberry cheesecake... At least it smelled like I was baking even if I didn't! What a fantastic scent that was! While I changed the scent daily, I was able to save the disk for future warming as the scent was still in the disk. I think we got a total of 10 hours out of honey pear cider and 12 out of blueberry cheesecake. It was over a couple of hours a couple days. Minimum warming time was 3 hours (5-8p).

Changing the scents was easy and using the warmer was even easier. Simply plug in and flick the switch.

A safety note: at no time did I fear for Everett's safety with a flame. I don't use candles any longer because I don't want him to burn himself. This is the perfect alternative to candles. There is no flame to deal with and  thewax isn't incredibly hot to the touch. The one thing I did fear was he would break the warmer. That was it. Knocking off the lid and breaking it.

Other things about this product:
1. No ugly things sticking out of the wall outlets
2. No ugly sprayers on the shelf attempting to be hidden by other things (pictures, etc.)
3. Easy to store the scent bars- I put them in my organizer basket and they fit perfectly. They would easily fit in a drawer and stack easily too.
4. Fits with decor of home- with many styles to choose from, you can easily find one to fit in your home.
5. Pretty good value at $5 per bar and each bar having 8 cubes. Burning 1 cube lasted me an average of 11 hours. 88 hours of fragrance for $5 with no ugliness or chance of getting burned... SOLD!
6. Large variety of scent bars to choose from....

1. I missed just walking in and having a welcoming scent greet me. I have to actually turn this on? No big deal though.
2. The light on the wall can be bothersome, but if you move it to another location, it's fine. So, really, no issue. This could also depend on the warmer you choose. Some have fewer holes in them. I just loved this one though!
3. It's hard to choose a scent. There are sooooo many delightful ones. (Is that a downside???)

So, wanna get your hands on one of these gems? Here's what you do: Sinply visit Amy's Scentsy page, click email me, fill out the form putting sharing cheri review in the subject line. Your name is all that is needed in the text box.  Click submit and you're entered. If you would like to leave a comment here too that would ensure a back up system in case something goes wrong with email. We'll announce the winner of a $30 gift card soon! All entries must be received by Sept. 30, 2011.


  1. I just want to say...Everett is so friggin' cute!!

  2. I'm pretty sure I emailed her correctly to enter but I did it through my phone so I'll comment just to be sure. Love all the pictures!