Friday, July 8, 2011

Whew! What a week!

This week has been a very unusual week for us. There couldn't have been more going on or being accomplished. It has been amazing and challenging (and extremely expensive)!
   It all started with my son's strep diagnosis on Saturday. Then Tuesday he went to get bloodwork for his allergy testing- it came back that now he is not only allergic to milk/dairy, but he has also developed a corn allergy. GREAT! He loves corn and we haven't seen a reaction, however, I'm noticing when I use baby powder on him he seems really uncomfortable. Is cornstarch the same as corn for a corn allergy??? This could get ugly, especially if corn syrup is involved. YIKES!  I'll post about learning to live with a child with allergies eventually. :)
Really? Corn is in EVERYTHING!
  Tuesday, prior to grocery shopping (and starting my meal plans), my mom called and told me she was taking E for 2 days so we could work on waterproofing our dungeon. I mean basement. This was not a job I wanted to take on that day, but it's when we had someone available ot watch him so we went for it. 4 days later, it's still not complete and will not be for another week or so. If not longer, depending on the window fiasco. More to come on that later!
  Wednesday, I twisted my ankle while cleaning up some paint and found some black mold under the water heater in the basement so I bleached it Thursday night. That's event 2 and I still haven't been grocery shopping. Event 3 came when the basement window fell and slammed shut breaking all the glass out of the window. FANTASTIC!  Hey, it gives us a reason to get at least 1 glass block window down there.
  Event 4 came on Friday when my husband and I were diagnosed with strep throat as well- I still have not gone grocery shopping. The only meal I've cooked at home has been pork chops. I can't wait to settle down and cook again- getting back into the swing of real life without drama.  Look for the next few posts to be more about the Event that is our basement and the Challenge which is cooking for a toddler who refuses to eat meat and has allergies! :)
  This week's meal plan will be updated tomorrow. Yes, I am grocery shopping tomorrow and starting my meal plan again. :) . Confessions of a couponer: I like to shop, but I don't enjoy grocery shopping.

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