Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garage Sale Find!

I enjoy spending Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings going to garage sales with my husband and son. It's a great time. I'm learning to get over the feeling of having to buy something from each one. That is freeing! I do enjoy talking to the sellers and getting the story behind items they are selling or just hearing why they are selling everything. These people like to talk. I've also learned that if you linger long enough at an item, people will generally take a price other than the one listed. They know your trying to decide if it's the amount you want to pay for something like that. It's great! I've also learned that you should always ask for a lower price, but be willing to walk away if the answer is no and it's a price you don't want to pay.

Here's a find from a garage sale. This table, quaint design and small enough to be used for my night stand without being bulky (something we have plenty of in our house- bulk!), was marked $5. It was a little questionable as to whether I should pay $5 for the table when I noticed one of the legs about to fall off. Here's the deal though, I loved the simplicity of the table. I saw it's potential - another key in buying used items. $5 wasn't a terrible price, but since I knew I would have to paint it and glue it, I wasn't going to pay that. I think I offered $3 but was willing to settle for $4. I know- what's $1, but I wanted a cute vase too and the $4 allowed me to stay under budget and get both items.
Needs a little work, but cute. Don't mind Boston, our 10 year old boxer, making his blog debut. :)

Umm... yeah. Needs work.

So, the black table in crazy condition was transformed into a nice enough night stand with a couple coats of white paint. It looks so much better and I now have a night table where I can place my novel, sudoku book, Bible and book light- so much better than the floor which is where they were staying while not in use!

I later went to another yard sale and found a cute lamp for $2. The shade isn't perfect, but I liked the glass lamp and it's the perfect size for the dainty table. Here they are paired together, with my books and booklight. :)
So the lampshade is crooked, but Everett plays with this lamp all the time! It's his favorite.

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