Friday, January 13, 2012

Home Goals 2012- revised

I've been looking at my 2012 goals list. I am slowly working my way through getting organized. Let's face it, that's gonna take a while as I go through each room and every nook and cranny I can think of that needs a little help. Some need more than others (kitchen drawers, office, stairway to the basement currently serving as our mudroom).

I was reading Nester's post about home goals. I wanted to revise what my 2012 home goals were. Some have popped up out of necessity (to be expected when the house is 92 years old) and others are just crossed off (new mudroom- not happening).

The pics I am going to show are those as the house is now. So, you'll get to see how truly human I am! Again, I hope to get through most of these, as they are slightly ambitious.

1. Curtains for the living room to brighten up the space. We have so much dark wood (that I refuse to paint over).  If I can't do that, maybe a slip cover for the couch (with dogs and a 2 year old, curtains will be easier to keep clean!).  For the record, hubby is against this, but we've been here for 11 years and had curtains once on this window for a period of 1 year. I need a change!
Yes, I know the couch, end table and lamps don't match. And, yes, I have a 2 year old so toys are regularly out.
Lookiing for something truly unique here. I think I want to do a muslin fabric- 4 panels. Light,  simple, and care free just like us!

2. Paint the dining room. I have a love hate relationship with this room. I hate the colors, have since I painted it 7 years ago but haven't known where I wanted to go with it. I still don't know but paint is going to happen this year. Pics of dining room here.

3. Fix the balcony off the spare room. Some of the wood has started to rot and the railing is coming off. I love this space (even though it gets super hot) as it would be great to grow herbs and small plants in pots out there, but right now, it's not safe.

4. Organize and paint the current "closet", for lack of a better word, leading to the basement, what I call the mudroom. This house has NO storage space in it. Those that it does have are small and odd. Don't judge me by the following photos. It's hard to find places for everything, but now that the basement is totally finished, we are able to use it to store things.
Lots of empty space... maybe a shelf with baskets for seasonal things.  I was in the attic and saw just the shelf that may work while looking for something else.

Shoes, gloves, winter gear... what to do with them? We've tried a few different solutions. This will be fixed! I can't stand it!

Yes, these stairs do to up to the second floor... we just use them for storing things that have no place (insert sheepish smile with embarrassed cheeks here)....

bags, bags and more bags.


Coming up from the basement.

The only other storage area we have - as you see it coming from the basement.

  Clearly, I need help here. I'll take suggestions. Better yet if you want to come take care of this for me, I'm all for it!

5. Create a better "office" space. It's simply a spare room off the bathroom. really, we don't use it as an office other than storing documents in binders on a shelf. I would love to change this into a closet for my clothing for when we have another baby.

6. Paint the hallway and new curtains here.

7. Build a pantry for the kitchen. I need more storage here- or to get rid of lots of stuff. You know- equipment takes up room (coffee pot that I have only for guests since we don't drink coffee, mixer, crock pots, Foreman grill, toaster, food processor, deep fryer, etc.).

8.  I would love a new floor in the kitchen and to paint the kitchen, but the balcony will probably eat that budget. Shoot, I would just love a new kitchen as mine is from 1952, but it will wait.

Ambitious, yes. Mainly painting and organizing. The biggest project will be the balcony. Since we are DIY'ers we have to find time to get it done, but we'll get through some of it. I'll keep you posted as we go.


  1. I'm a DIY-er too! I am looking forward to watching you do this. A balcony, that is ambitious!

    1. Yes... The balcony was a huge part of why we bought the house. Only to realize later it's like 200 degrees up there in the summer! We attempted to curb some heat by putting down indoor outdoor carpet... not realizing it would rot the wood from snow, rain, etc. So, this year, we attempt to fix! Thanks for joining me on this journey!