Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

You all know, I'm all about a new recipe, especially for comfort food. Enter, the Pioneer Woman Cooks. Gosh I love this book! Good stuff I tell you, good stuff. Read the review here.

One of the recipes that stuck out at me was the meatloaf. I looked at it and decided it would be the next thing I tried. As usually, Ree Drummond did not disappoint.

Needless to say, the meatloaf is AMAZING- probably has something to do with the bacon and the delightful sauce. This will be my go to recipe for meatloaf. As always, I make every recipe as is the first time I make it. Next time, I may add chopped onion, celery and shredded carrots. I think they just add great flavor, plus you sneak in veggies that way.

The recipe is easy to make; however, I had the experience that after mixing everything my "loaf" was more mush than form. I began wondering what I did wrong because it seemed too moist and I couldn't get it to form a nice loaf. A friend made this upon my recommendation the next night. She had the same experience. So, when you make this, expect it to be more moist/mushy than you think.  This just meant that I needed to construct/build my meatloaf. My friend said she felt like she was making a sand castle. Nothing like playing with food! :)

Despite the moistness and the need to construct the loaf, it cooked up perfect!

Because of lil man's allergy to dairy, I did not add the cheese. I did soak the bread in milk. There was no reaction to the dairy, so that was a plus. I was really testing the waters with this. I can only imagine what adding cheese would do to this meatloaf. AMAZING!!!! 

Here's a link to the recipe. Enjoy!

I'm linking up to Tasty Tuesdays on 33 Shades of Green. Stop by and see what she and others have cooked up this week. Some good stuff out there. Click this link.

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