Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What do I do Wednesday

I typically like to think of myself as a decent gardener. I was better before the little one and a crazy schedule, but I like to garden when I get the chance. Oh, I'm talking about flowers as my yard is too small for anything else. Although, I may venture to herbs and tomatoes in pots this year.

So, imagine my frustration when my ferns look like this
and shed like this (oh embarrassing!) once I bring them in for the winter.

I water them regularly as does hubby, yet they insist of shedding and dying. I love having these outside my door as an entry to my home and beautiful decor for the porch, but they just look terrible when I bring them in. Anyone able to help?

This mess is too much! These guys are going to be tossed. I hope to do better with them summer of 2012.

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