Monday, January 16, 2012

Meal Plan Monday....

Ahhh... the tonsillectomy is behind me. I'm finally able to cook my way through the Pioneer Woman cookbook. :) This week, I'm trying 3 of her recipes... I never do more than 1 new recipe a week, but I'm soooo behind and there were so many things that looked delicious, I decided on my top 3.

Monday: Meatloaf (topped with bacon and other goodness), mashed potatoes and glazed carrots.
Tuesday: Chicken spaghetti and salad with homemade bread
Wednesday: left overs
Thursday: the Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich with fries
Friday: out
Saturday: Chicken tacos.
Sunday: left overs or grilled cheese and tomato soup. :) Simple and easy!

Enjoy your week. Look for the recipe reviews on Tasty Tuesday!

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