Thursday, January 5, 2012

The sound of what???

Sitting here trying not to be terribly bored out of my gourd while trying to eat this yogurt during day 8 of tonsillectomy recovery. As I’m surfing the net and visiting lots of new places, I keep hearing some funny rumblings from my dog’s belly – mind you, he’s on the other side of the room about 12 feet away.  At first, I was thinking he was going to get sick and needed to go outside, but now I think I’m wrong.

I’ve heard this before… it’s my dog telling me that daddy (hubby) forgot to feed him last night (the feeding of the dogs is his job).

I kind of have a feeling I know what he’s thinking (despite the fact that he’s sleeping- I know because of the loud snoring… and yes, I hear the belly over the snores).

Old man Boston- the tummy rumbler/snorer
“Bet that human wouldn’t let her stomach get this empty. Humans eat all the time. Food is always at their disposal- no need to wait for someone to get food for them. They just get it themselves when they’re hungry. They have no clue what it’s like to be this hungry… I’m starving over here and she’s on the computer doing who knows what trying to look too busy to feed me.”

Honestly, I can say my stomach sounds the same way right now! I do understand, Boston (our dog name). I get it. I haven’t eaten solid food in 8 days.  8… not 1… 8!

I haven’t ventured into the dog food territory since having this operation. Ya see, the food is kept on the top shelf in the basement which requires some lifting. It’s a 50 pound bag. I’m not supposed to lift more than 5 pounds – tell that to the 35 pound toddler who crawls on you and wants you to hold him- another tale for another day. So, it makes me nervous to go down there and think about trying to pry the lid off the dog food container that is over my head instead of taking it down from the shelf.

Oh, but his stomach is getting louder…. I guess I’ll move warm cuddly Benny (sitting next to me) and my warm spot on the couch, take the step stool to the basement and go about it that way. Dogs, enjoy your solid food while I munch on broth and yogurt.

Benny- he was keeping my feet warm until I had to get up to get the food. His belly wasn't rumbling.

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