Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recipe Review: Brown Sugar and Bourbon Flank Steak and Cheesy Zucchini Rice

Remember this post about my meal plan for the week? I had 2 new recipes on there for our Monday meal: Brown Sugar and Bourbon Flank Steak and Cheesy Zucchini Rice.  I'm going to do a crazy thing and review both on this one post! Usually, it's a 2 post situation, but today I'm generous and don't want you to wait.

Brown Sugar and Bourbon Flank Steak:
I've never cooked flank steak... well, I can't say that any longer because I did this past Tuesday (yep, the rain on Monday made me delay the grilling until Tuesday).

When I was shopping for the flank steak, I must admit that I wasn't impressed with how it looked. I was kind of surprised by how much it cost too. It was outrageously expensive, but more than I anticipated for what it looked like. Meat prices are just ridiculous.... Flank steak is simply a flat and long piece of meat. Not much marbling too it (aka, fat, juicy goodness). It looked just like the pink styrofoam it sat on... okay maybe a little bit different. It's thin too- which scared me because my husband likes to eat meat, well, food in general. I didn't know if it would be enough for all 3 of us at 1.5 pounds, but you figure that's a half pound for everyone and I know myself and lil man won't eat that much meat.

So the flank steak was chosen and purchased. On the day of cooking/preparing, I took a whole 5 minutes to mix together the marinade/sauce, pour it into the plastic bag and add the steak. I put it in the fridge for 30-40 minutes then pulled it out to bring to room temperature as the recipe stated. While it was working it's way to room temp, I started grating a zucchini (which was totally fun! I'm weird, I know).

Flank steak at room temp meant I got to start up the grill (and clean it). It was only 91 degrees. No problem cooking out on the grill.... I oiled the grates with olive oil (using a paper towel) and set the flank steak on it. No problems. Super easy. Recipe said cook 5 minutes. I can handle that- granted I moved away from the grill during that time. I went back into the house where the rice was cooked and I was adding the zucchini and butter. Mixed those to incorporate and all was good. Back out to flip the steak and start again.

The steak was done and I brought it in to rest for 5 minutes. It was perfect! So easy to cook and beautiful. I had some good grill marks on that puppy I tell ya! I will cook flank steak again.

Image from Tracey's Culinary Adventure Blog

While the flank steak was cooking, I warmed the marinade to make it "syrupy" as Tracey called it. It didn't smell the greatest and lil man asked if I was making stinky food. I added the cheese to the rice and sliced up the steak. Serving was ready to commence.

Now to the good stuff: This flank steak was amazing! Delicious, easy, flavorful and delectable. I think I "MMMM"'d after every bite I ate. Yes, I'm pretty sure I did. I gave some to lil man who decided he liked it too. Hubs said it was pretty good and very tasty. He loved the sauce.

The rice: It was good, needed more salt and pepper. I loved that it was just like those Knorr packs you buy but it was totally homemade and you know what's going into it (something I love)! No sneaky ingredients or things you can't name. I think next time I make it (yes, there will be a next time), I'm going to add sauted onion and garlic as well as some parsley and other flavors. I will also grate my own cheese (It's a kick I'm on right now and I love it. Melts better and is just so stretchy and cheesy- delicious!). I can also imagine grating up many other veggies to add- cauliflower (yum), broccoli, other squash, what about some pumpkin????... the possibilities are endless. Simple and delicious.

Image from Tracey's Culinary Adventure Blog.

I recommend making both of these, but if you only want to try one, go with the flank steak. Both together were fantastic and I can't wait to eat the left overs for lunch. Not terrible with calories either just watch your portion sizes on the rice with that cheese!

For the recipes click here for Steak and here for rice.

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