Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Those 10 pounds....

I haven' really talked with anyone much about this, other than hubs and a few friends, but I'm trying to lose 10 pounds. Really, I would like to lose 15-20, but I'm starting with 10. My journey thus far has only been slightly successful.

Initially, when I decided I couldn't take it anymore, I took up running every morning before hubs left for work and while lil man was sleeping. I was surprised how things had changed in the year I was off from running due to constant strep and 2 tonsillectomies mixed with several sinus infections. I'm a healthy one, let me tell you.  I used to run a mile in 10 minutes. Nothing fantastic or anything but I didn't mind that speed. It was just fast enough for me and let me get in a minimum 30 minutes of cardio when I did the 5K course I designed in my neighborhood. Well, after the year off, I was at a much slower pace (12.5 min mile) and couldn't make it more than 2 miles. REALLY? While this was good exercise, and regardless, I was burning more calories doing that than sitting on my bum at the computer or the couch, I just realized how out of shape I had become.

Oh the horror of being someone my age and realizing, yes, Cheri, You are getting old. This means that in order for me to lose the 10 pounds I've wanted to lose for a year I need to work harder. Enter the major sinus infection from allergies that I developed this year. I ended up running for a week strong then having to take a week off due to not being able to breathe. Fun. Add in 2 birthday parties, the Fourth of July and some other get togethers... I'm a goner.

As I usually do, I choose to see the brighter side. Why give up? Why not make the change now? So what if I ate a bad breakfast, now I just have to make the calories up elsewhere- a walk, better choices throughout the day, etc.

On Sunday, I decided I'd try going back to running again. My speed was a little better (I did some intervals). The problem- my knee twisted funny and I got major shin splints. I took Monday off. This morning I figured I'd speed walk for 2 miles and try to do a few block long sprints here and there. I did, but I hurt my knee more and my right shin is killing me. So, I'm not giving up on running, but I'm definitely not going to practice it this week. Instead, I'll bike to the farmers market and to the stores and take walks as much as I can with little man. It's simple things like that that do make a difference. I mean, there's no reason I can't WALK somewhere or for a little bit to help with this.

Eating... well, that's a different story. You all know how I love to make homemade fresh food for my family. I'm working on it and just making better snack choices as well as eliminating calorie laden beverages (a can of Sprite or Sierra Mist which was a once a day treat or some iced tea- this one is HARD). I don't really drink alcohol unless it's a girl's night where I'll have a glass of wine or a fru-fru drink so that's not a problem.

I'll let you know how the progress goes. It's just a challenge to get that last 10 pounds.....

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