Thursday, July 12, 2012

Book Review: The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers.... what a wonderful tale is spun in this book. It's really a challenging book to sum up without giving away some of what happens, but I will try.

Victoria has lived her life in and out of foster care. She has made some choices that of course do not promote her adoption. At the age of 18, Victoria is emancipated and thrust into life on her own. She is homeless, cashless, and essentially has little skills in relationships or work. She must learn how to make it on her own as she has burned many bridges in her past.
She stumbles upon a floral shop and seeks to find a position there; however, the owner is not hiring, especially someone with no experience. Saying Victoria has not experience with flowers is not true. She has experience and can easily match a flower to what someone is going through and help them through it. It's a gift. She's good at it and touches many people's lives. She ends up in a mess of her own and struggling with how to manage learning to live with and get along with others as well as how to give and receive unconditional love. It's a really beautiful and amazing tale.

According to the book jacket, Vanessa Diffenbaugh called upon her experience as a foster mother to write this novel. It certainly showed through.

Victoria is a character you will not soon forget. She embodies and shows the struggle we all go through in developing and maintaining relationships. It's not easy. It's uncomfortable and definitely a lot of work. The emotions and feeling she displays upon some of the choices she makes make her so real. She was a character I could totally identify with. The anger, making of poor choices just because you can then realizing it was the wrong thing and trying to mend it.

This book is a book about unconditional love, helping others when you can't seem to help yourself, and ultimately forgiveness. An AMAZING novel. Now, let me go see what flowers I can get that bring peace and calm to a house! :)

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