Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stealing from Hamlet...

"To be or not to be: that is the question"

There are many things going on in our house. Trying to find a new sitter or a part-time sitter, possible new job for the hubs at his current employer (not getting our hopes up, but it would be cool for him- granted we couldn't ask for a better company for him to work at regardless- thank you, cousin). I hope to return to school in the fall to do an endorsement or master's. Lots of things to think about and move forward with.

I, of course, like to add more to the plate. For a while (say a year or so), have been debating whether or not we should move. Since more homes seem to be selling in our neighborhood, I'm getting that inclination more. It's not that I don't love my home or where I live, I just want more land. Shoot, if I could have a triple lot where I am, I would take it in a minute and not move at all. I brought this idea up to the hubs who was taken back by my repeat presentation of said idea. We decided we are going to do our research and see what we can find in a price range we thing feasible.

Now, we have not started really looking or doing anything major. It's just something I'm kicking around in my head. Let me share with you my thoughts....

1. I love my house. Yes, I would like more room and a more open feel to the place, but it's a home that was built in 1918. It has weathered many families and probably at one point had 10 or more people living in it (let's face it, back in the day, families were large). I would also like a new kitchen- like tomorrow... actually a year ago, but that's okay. I'm being patient.

2. I love the town I live in. Where else can you go that there are 5-6 parks with FREE wading pools. yes, Free pools that are 1-2 feet deep for little ones- big playgrounds and lots of sand.  The parks and recreation department is unmatchable, offering classes for adults, children, seniors, and anything from baseball to pottery to knitting and photography- as well as growing your own garden or chickens. I would love chickens, but where I am, I can't. :(  We have free movies down on the river for kids in the summer. Free music concerts in the summer.

3. I love the proximity to everything. It doesn't matter where I need to go, essentially everything is within 20-25 minutes (talking bigger cities- well, aside from Cleveland). I bike alot of places, pulling little man behind me in his trailer to any place that allows us to avoid busier roads). I have a local expressway half a mile from my house- both entrances to the expressway (north and south). I am also not far from national parks or county parks and great museums and such.

4. I love, I mean LOVE, my neighbors. They are like extended family. If we were to move, I'd have to take them with me or constantly visit. Not only that, I think they love us and I know they love the lil man. They are truly great people and we are blessed to be their neighbors.

5. I'm close to family. Doesn't matter who it is, I'm pretty doggone close to all of them. Hubs' family doesn't count. Some of them are in other states and further south of us, but on my side, we're within a few minutes of them (10-15 depending on traffic).

What I don't love:
1. my kitchen.
2. my small yard.
3. the houses so close together.
4. lack of storage space/closet space (in our "master" bedroom, there is one very small closet that houses my hubby's clothes. I have mine tucked into a closet that will be for our next baby. At that point, I guess I'm living out of.... I don't know yet.... :)
5. 1 bathroom (not that that's unmanagable). Great for bathroom cleaning day as there is only 1 to do!

I don't even mind that we share a driveway. That doesn't bother me a bit- probably because I have the coolest neighbors anyone could ask for.

So really, I don't know that I need to move. I would if I could find something I love for a great price, but for the time being, I think I'm set. Whew, one thing to cross off the list.... maybe....

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