Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wardrobe Re-do

I know it's been a while, but remember how I was redoing my closet and wardrobe using ideas from Haley's The No Brainer Wardrobe?  I have to tell you something. I love that I can see what I have in my closet and not have to dig in the back. Everything I currently own is stuff I will use again and again. Nothing in there (that I can think of right now) is something that will just sit there. It's so nice and easy.

I know where everything is (even the stuff in my dresser drawers). I can't tell you how freeing this process has been. I find it easy to get ready and look put together when I need to. I can't thank Hayley enough for all she's done. Coming soon.... some favorite outfits! I love that part!

Fore more on how to feel better about your ensemble without the stress of not knowing what to wear, click The No Brainer Wardrobe on your right side. Great ebook and so easy. I love that Hayley gives you action steps to take that are simple and that the advice has worked!

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