Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Book review: Wither

I'm back... Figured I'd start easy- a book review.
Anyway, while lil man was snuggling with me after his tonsillectomy/adnoidectomy (that's just a weird word - adnoids... add ectomy and it's weirder- who named those things anyway??), I finished reading Wither. A book that came recommended by a friend, coworker, and fellow reader - she's a librarian. She felt I would enjoy it. Imagine my surprise when I found it at Ollie's for $3.99. It was hardcover in perfect condition brand new... fantastic! I've gotten off the book buying habit as I feel we have WAY too many books in our possession (more on that later). I just couldn't resist buying it because I could also put it in my classroom for the students to read. That's the main reason I buy books- can I use them for my classroom or if they are a good reference book. If not, I get them from the library (I'm posting about our wonderful libraries soon. They truly are great places.).

I picked it up and about 6 weeks later, I was finally diving in; however, I must say, I got extremely busy at work and my reading was down to 1-2 pages a day because of the work load and needing to spend time with my family. Reading is the last thing I do before bed and I try to sneak some in during lunch- but I do it daily.

Back to the book review.... sorry... I get talky at times.

Wither is the story of a girl, well 3 really, who lives in a world where despite the fact that diseases such as AIDS and cancer no longer exist, life expectancy is not long. A nearly perfect race proves to still have imperfections. Males live to 25 and females to 20. This means, in order to have children, girls are married off (or kidnapped and sold) by the age of 13 so they can have children in the hopes of finding a cure for the short life span.

Rhine is captured and sold to a wealthy man, Linden. She is noted and sought after for her beautiful eyes. Her twin warns her not to leave their home; however, she didn't listen and was whisked away to be sold to Linden.   With him, she lives in a mansion where wealth knows no bounds with 2 other sister brides and her father-in-law. Watch out, he's creepy! The man is pure evil in my sight!

Rhine seeks knowledge, understanding and freedom. She spends time with the staff (when it's forbidden) creating an interesting love triangle- or is it? Does she love Linden or not? Does she simply want to go back to her twin brother and be free from the bondage of this house and father-in-law? She sets out to gain all of those things - knowledge, understanding, freedom, and, yes, love.

While I thought the world that was created was intriguing and unique, I struggled with getting into the story. I don't know that I really connected with Rhine. In hindsight (since it's been a while since I read it) it wasn't terrible. It was okay, but it could have something to do with all the interruptions in my reading and such. Should you read it? Sure. It's a short YA novel that is the first in a trilogy (The Chemical Garden). The second book, Fever, just came out not too long ago. I'll pick it up and give it the "old college try"- but this time, I'm sticking to my rule - 50 pages and I'm out if I'm not into it!

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