Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Knock You Naked Brownies

I figured you missed my reviews of the Pioneer Woman's cookbook recipes. So, since I acquired the new cookbook for my birthday, I've been cooking out of it while also working my way through the old cookbook and my Pinterest recipes.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I held my monthly craft party. If you are not part of one, you should be and if there isn't one around you, start your own! They are so fun.

Back to the topic at hand- the menu. I was lazy. Still not wanting to really cook and was stumped for ideas (how that could be with my plethora of cookbooks, saved recipes on cards, print outs and pinterest, I don't know). I decided to just do a pizza, salad and brownie combo. The pizza was take out- I was all about KISS (Keep it simple sister). Remember, this was also when the two-year-old Cheri wanted to take over in the diet department. 

The salad was a recipe from a friend where I used to work. I'll share it here one day as it's a favorite of many. Hopefully, she won't mind but seeing as to how she passed it out to all who wanted it, I figure there's no secret.

The brownies were the PW Knock You Naked Brownies. Click the link for the recipe.

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These were so delicious... very rich but soooooo good. Yes, what she says is true- pass them to those you love or that you want to love you back. They certainly will!  I gave them to my students and they were so happy and excited- exclaiming throughout the day that they loved the brownies, the best they ever had. Being the smart teacher I am, I gave the brownies to the kids at the end of the day (like last 10 minutes of the day). Parents, don't hate me. 

They were not hard to make. The hardest part for me, was melting the caramel. Yep, it took much longer than I anticipated but it could be because I had to buy the hard caramel since that's what my grocer had.

Should you make these, yes, you should- but only if you want to be kind and give some away. Do not - I repeat Do not- keep them in the house for yourself. They are not low calorie, fat free... they will just add to your hips and thighs instantly. Simply eat one and then pass them along. You will be loved.

Join me over at 33 Shades of Green for Tasty Tuesdays. There are many more great recipes on that site!

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