Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinterest Success- Again!

Golly, I have to admit I enjoy Pinterest. It's a great site for ideas- if you aren't already aware of what it is. It is essentially a bookmarking site for your favorite things, but it allows others to see what you're "pinning" to your online cork board/idea board. If you don't have pinterest access yet, send me an email ( and I'll give you the hook up.

Anyway, I pinned a sunburst mirror from Our Humble Abowed, well, it was actually a pin a friend had and I repinned it as something I wanted to make.

I followed the tutorial and here is what I got:

Oh fantastic... beautiful... wonderful...

Brightens my day....

Love love!

I can't believe I did this!!!!

I LOVE IT! It's one of my favorite pinterest things thus far and I've made 5 pinterest "crafts". I love the colors too. They go so well with the curtains. I hung it temporarily just for the pics. I want to hand a better picture hanger on the back and if it stays in that spot, I'll have to move it down a little.

It makes me happy. The hardest part of this is gathering the sticks and cutting them down. I used a hacksaw and mitre box for my cuts, but the tutorial shows wire cutters work well too. I was nervous about my spacing and making sure to glue everything in the right place. There was one spot where things were tight, but you can't tell when it's up.

The whole project cost me $2.80. 2 paints were $0.39 each with coupon at Michaels and the mirror was $1.99 with coupon. I used a 10" mirror instead of a 7" as shown in the tutorial. I only needed to use 50 sticks which is the same she used in the tutorial.

Funny story about the sticks. I asked the woman at the paint counter at Walmart (a store I can't stand but that is 5 blocks from my house- literally) if I could just buy some cheaply. She said no to just take what I needed. I didn't want to hoard so I grabbed 15 the first time then 10 on subsequent trips until I hit 55 sticks (just in case I cracked one or something happened like a 2 year old decided they were drum sticks).

I love it. It's my favorite thing in the dining room. What do you think???


  1. That turned out amazing. I love the color. Seriously, you should put these pics at the staff table for the artfest along with all your other creations!

    1. Thanks Cara. I forgot about that. I'll definitely think about it. I just made a few other things too.