Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pretty lighting

I have a thing for jars. The sad thing about it is I don't have much storage space for them. I keep those I can on the very top shelf of my cabinet- a space so high that they are out of the way. Recently, I was running out of room for jars and needed to do something with them. I searched the net for new ideas for mason jars. I came across some really cute lace covered jars that house votive candles at Anna Boo's House.

Since my cousin was getting married, I thought these might be cute for center pieces since she wanted something simple. I went ahead and got the lace for the jars and made some up. It took me a while to get to this project as sometimes happens.  For whatever reason, I hesitated in getting around to them. They didn't take long at all! It was simple and easy. I'll explain how to do it after I show how cute they are lit and unlit! :)

So easy to do, fairly cheap and quick!

You want to make one of your own you say? I'll tell you how I made mine.... Please forgive me, I forgot to take pics of a couple of basic steps but I think you'll forgive me as they are really simple steps.

Jars any size and clean. I simply use jars from salsa, pasta sauce, etc.
Lace- amount depends on the thickness, how many layers you want to do and size of jar. I went with 1 yard for each jar even though I knew it would be too much. I like left overs as I can use it for other things.
Spray adhesive
Flexible measuring tape.

1. Measure the circumference of the jar.

2. Cut lace at the length needed to go around the jar.

3.  Put newspaper down and place lace laying flat on the newspaper.

4. Using spray adhesive, spray one segment of lace and quickly wrap around the jar.

5. Repeat the steps for each segment needed to complete the jars.

6. Allow to dry

7. Insert votive candle, light and enjoy the ambiance of candle light in unique designs as it flickers on the wall.

Ta-da! Not to mention, these would be cute gifts for teachers, housewarming, etc.

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