Monday, April 9, 2012

Done... for the most part... unless....

I really hope you all had a great Easter. We certainly had a great time with our family and friends. Lil man got to spend time with his cousins playing and hunting eggs. He couldn't have been happier. The best moment (well, one of) when he woke up and asked to go to church with me. We went to the early service and I didn't think he would wake in time, but he woke at 7 (I needed to leave at 7:10-7:15). I hurried and washed him up, changed him and managed to make it to church at 7:33 (only 3 minutes late). On time would have been better, but when your toddler is begging to go to church with you, you don't pass that up!

It's the day after Easter and I must admit to being pretty doggone busy today. I had to visit a doctor whose office is insanely crazy, so my mom took the lil man for me while I went to the doctor. I told her I wanted to paint the trim in the dining room to see if we would like it and want to keep the paint. She said she would keep him for a while so I could get things done. That's what family's for and my mom's fantastic!
The morning started at 6:20 with a trip to Lowe's at 7 to get paint and grass seed- my hubby surprised me with a blessing (removing an old rusted broken basketball hoop) on Easter. Now the yard seems more open, however, we needed to fill in the hole so lil man didn't fall in. At 8 I started to paint the trim a color called Gypsy Teal from Lowe's Valspar collection. It is a very rich color and I love it. I'm not sure about it as a trim color for these walls, but I'll let it sit for a few days and see if it grows on me. It's kind of dark for what we have in there.

I ran to the doctor and to my mom's then to the pizza shop. It was 5:30 and I still needed to do touch up in the dining room. I was tired and I just wanted to be done with everything. At 7, I finished painting and cleaning up my mess. I was ecstatic to be finished with painting that dumb room. Yes, I'm reverting to 7 year-old Cheri who just was fed up with the whole thing. Hubby and I were talking and we're just not sure what we think of the room. So, I decided to find things in the house that we have (or recently purchased in the hopes it would work) to put up.

My curtains needed finished, so I hurried and finished them. We put up some pieces we found that work for now while we decide what to do. The fish tank wall still stumps me, but I may have found something to work and I have a project I'm working on this week that could work as well.

Here are the pics of what we have in the room as of now. Let me know what you think. It's all a little crazy. I'll let you know if we decide to keep it like this for more than a month. Although I kind of feel like maybe a neutral (nice sandy color or grey) would be better. My experimentation with bright colors may not last long, but only time will tell.
The view from the kitchen- Yes I need a new rug.

I love those curtains, hate the mini blinds and the chandelier is beginning to annoy- You'll see why soon.

She may have to go, but I'm not sure yet. This was a Burlingon Super Cheap Find. 

Shelves will be painted... some color and the plate at the top will come down to a new home in the room. Working on this.

View from the windows.

The trouble wall with the picture find from Marc's that I'm not sure about either, but it was really cheap. Right now, it's a place holder. The plant was an Easter gift to me.

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