Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Excavator Part 2

Remember how I briefly mentioned planting seeds and putting plants in the house? The day I bought the seeds that were planted, I also picked up 2 cheap succulents at Lowe's and a cute glass vase a the thrift store. Since lil man was loving planting seeds so much, I decided to let him also plant the succulents in the vase. I gave him his choice- the big glass vase with both succulents inside or 2 small ones that would fit 1 succulent each (a steal for $0.20 each). He chose the big vase. I know why- more dirt to put in there= more time playing excavator! He's a smart kid.

With some assistance he planted our succulents and watered them. I went outside and grabbed sand from the sandbox for the top as decoration (later learned this wasn't wise). Lil man loved being able to play in the sand then decorate the top of the plants with it. He then got to take the left over sand into the living room and watch some TV (so mommy could shower). I put the sand in a very big Rubbermaid bowl, gave him a spoon and a cup. He loved it... The sand still got everywhere.

Fast forward to 4 days later. I tell him to play while mommy gets a shower (one day I'll get this done before he wakes- which is my usual MO, but I was painting this morning). Imagine my surprise when I come down the stairs to find a succulent taken out of the vase!

I asked him what he was doing. His reply, "I was playing excavator, Mommy". DUH! Why didn't I think of that??? I quickly picked up the plant and put it back into the vase. I hope I've saved it's little life- only time will tell. If not, I'll be headed to Lowe's to take advantage of the 1 year plant guarantee!
After fixing the plant.... It's the sunburst- yeah, the one sticking up a little in the back....

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