Friday, March 30, 2012

Faith filled Friday- my confessions

It seems lately I've been just drawn to learning more and delving more into my faith. It's great how God works.
I love Christian music. Most people don't openly admit such things, but I'm not ashamed as there are some pretty decent artists out there. I love the emotions I feel while thinking about the words and listening to the music. I just love the lyrics focused on something other than myself and problems in the world. Those that deal with problems are focused on redirecting those problems to the One who can fix them, making it a positive song. Yes, I know in life, not all things are hunky dory. Please, don't go there with me. I've got you. I hear you. No, life isn't easy and it isn't grand. It's hard. period.   I just know that when it's hard, I need to change my focus. Enter praise and worship music. There's just something about it.
 Oh yeah... maybe that's the focus on something other than the problem- it's on the Solution.

What is it about music that can move us? Add to that music about Someone who loves you more than you could ever imagine or dream and what He's done for you? Whew! Talk about overcome and overwhelmed. This is why on Sundays you'll find me in my pew, hands up or clapping to the beat and tears streaming. I'm not crying tears of sadness. I'm crying tears of joy, gladness, hope, love, gratitude.

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