Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Sweet Pretzel Cookies

I've been working my way through the PW cookbook, but also through my list of goodies I've pinned on the joy/addiction that is Pinterest. This past week was my birthday and we had a meeting at work on my birthday. Since I knew I wanted to bring in a treat to share and celebrate with, I decided I would try the sweet pretzel cookies.
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The recipe was easy. I was surprised that it called for melting the butter instead of softening. That was a little different for me with a cookie. I must admit that I'm not the biggest baker, so I'm sure many others have made cookies like this. The flour and salt needed sifted, again, something I haven't done in a while and I don't even own a sifter! I simply used a metal collander to sift with.

For the pretzels, I very lightly crushed them so there would be pretty good size chunks. I cannot tell you how much I LOVED this aspect.

The one change I made was to forego adding dried fruit. I just didn't have any raisin or craisins in the house (which is rare). I should have added more chocolate chips, but instead, I added a few more pretzel chunks. Next time, I'll add more chocolate chips too.

At first, the dough was a little rough to work with after adding the pretzels, but part of that was because I added the pretzels after chilling it because hubby had eaten the pretzels I was going to use for this- resulting in an unexpected trip to the store for more pretzels. (Isn't that the worst?!)

It was also a little annoying to have to rotate the baking pan after 5 minutes of baking, but it made a difference.

This recipe was so delightful! It was tasty- the ultimate for that salty/sweet craving. Everyone who tasted one raved about how delicious they were. Totally amazing. Click here for the recipe.

I'm joining up with 33 Shades of Green-Tasty Tuesday. Jump on over to check out other great recipes!


  1. Ohhh! Can't wait to try these Cheri! My hubby is always on the lookout for salty and sweet! He'll eat a bag of pretzels with chocolate chips and be in heaven!

    1. He will absolutely love these. They are soooooo delicious.