Monday, March 19, 2012

Dining room progress.... or lack thereof!

I haven't given up on the dining room yet. I just have to get my act together to get things on the walls and "git r done". Despite the fact I hate that saying, I just used it. The goal is to have a mostly complete dining room by the end of spring break. The only things I'm thinking that will not be complete will be the pieces of artwork on the big wall. I do have an idea for all of that though.

I've focused a lot on curtains and what color to paint the trim. I haven't decided on the paint color, but tomorrow hubby and I are going to Ace for the free quart of paint so decisions MUST be made.

My cousin works for a fabric shop, so I perused the website to find some cute fabrics. Here are some I found:
Hanging on the window... which to choose....

Don't forget the pretty white one!

A Dena Designs print... so many colors, so pretty, so easily dirtied by lil mans' hands.

Kind of cool.

How I love this Amy Butler print. So pretty.... So bright....

Another Dena Designs. Really calms the paint down.
So, those are what I've been looking at for a week. I think I've chosen. You'll find out soon enough!

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