Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cheap finds for the dining room.

We have a huge blank wall... yeah, you know the main focus wall... It's empty (aside from the 75 gallon aquarium). I've been looking for things to go on it.

   I was going to make a large artwork on canvas and still may, but I'm not sure. I have a few other ideas that may work. I kind of would like a paint chip piece, a painted piece, a focal piece and some random objects. I'm funky like that. This one I love!
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Anyway, I was shopping at Marc's one day and got stuck in Aisle 1... you know, the junk aisle. I'm glad I did! I found this:

The kicker: It was $9.99. The dimensions are 36 x 36. Decent size, but not big enough. I'm off to find what else will work- Maybe make a mini wall art from paint chips. I'll let you see it all when it's put together... :)

Don't you love when you find deals like that?! We all know I do!

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