Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate Sheet Cake (aka Texas Sheet Cake)

I'm back to cooking from the PW cookbook. It was book club night. What goes better with wine and books than chocolate decadence? So, I tried the chocolate sheet cake recipe.
Picture from the Pioneer Woman

I must say that making a cake from scratch is nothing I've ever tried before. This seemed easy enough so I figured I'd try it.

This recipe was easy peasy to make. It was also pretty yummy! This cake was good and the frosting wasn't too bad. It's the one thing I changed. The recipe calls for pecans, but since I wasn't sure if anyone had a nut allergy (our first book club meeting), I went with crushed pretzels instead of the nuts in the frosting. Oh my yum!!!

The problem I had with this recipe... It says it serves 18-20. I had 10 women plus myself (also a woman) eat this cake during book club. I had more than half left over! Like 3/4 was remaining. Lord knows I cannot have this cake in my house when I'm going to be home.. I will eat it. I will gain weight. I will be upset with myself for overindulging.   Maybe I cut the slices small, I don't know. It was a lot!

There was one other problem. When I poured the frosting onto the cake after pulling it out of the oven, the frosting dumped over the edges of the jelly roll pan and all over my gas range top.

If you venture to make this recipe, I recommend to make it for a group get together as it makes soooo much!

Oh, about the chocolate frosting dripping into the gas range drip pan... I thought I had cleaned it all up until I started to cook my quesadilla for dinner... Something was smelling funny and sweet and burny all at the same time. It certainly didn't smell like a quesadeilla. I checked and the last of the frosting that I hadn't gotten cleaned off the range was being burnt! Those things happen to the best of us and just make life interesting!

I'm joining up with Tasty Tuesday at 33 Shades of Green. Why don't you join me in checking out new recipes? Can I tell you the pancakes she has posted look divine???

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